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Our Objective

At Machine Coach, our objective is to empower individuals who are new to CNC router machines and guide them towards starting and running successful businesses. We aim to provide comprehensive coaching, training, and support to help our clients gain the skills, knowledge, and strategies necessary to thrive in the CNC router industry. Our goal is to be a trusted partner in their journey, offering personalized guidance, fostering their growth, and ultimately assisting them in achieving their entrepreneurial goals and financial success.

Technologies we Coach on

Easel, Vcarve, Fusion, Adobe Illustrator

we help you with creating your products using these softwares and more. We will provide 1 on 1 coaching to unlock your full potential in these programs.

Etsy, Facebook, Online Website, Etc

when it comes to selling we are your number of coach in that field we will get you making money from any online platform for selling. We will pick the platform based on your needs

Market Research and Product placement

We will coach you on how you can get your product in front of the eyes of your customers. Finding the right product for you to make is key in your success. We will study market together and find the best products for you to produce.

Blue Gradient

Our Promise

At Machine Coach, our promise is to provide you with expert guidance and support for your CNC business. We are dedicated to helping you navigate challenges, explore opportunities, and develop effective strategies to succeed in your industry.

Step 1

Finding your product and testing to see if theres market fit

Step 2

Teaching the ins and outs of using your machine and making your product

Step 3

Taking your business and sales to the next level


Andrew Petzold

I've been coaching and helping people since I graduated. However, I've recently made the decision to develop Machine Coach as a professional service. My role involves connecting our clients to our coaches, and as a sales lead, I'm responsible for finding potential customers and promoting our services to them.

I also serve as the file designer for our company. Whenever our clients require edits or designs for manufacturing, I'm the go-to person. From creating 3D models and 2D graphics to designing functional mechanical parts, I handle it all.

Ever since I finished high school, I had a vision of starting my own company. However, I wasn't sure what that would be until I launched Machine Coach. Through this venture, I've discovered a true passion for helping people transform their hobbies into successful businesses.

Drop Shadow

I want to hire a team to work with at Machine Coach. There are a lot of talented people

that help everyone out and they deserve to get paid for their work. If you have talent

and you want to offer your help please join my team.

What Our Other Clients Share

Machine Coach has been instrumental in our cornhole company's success. They provided invaluable support in optimizing our files and VCarve setups, streamlining our production process and ensuring precise and accurate results.

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– Tyler @ tandtcornholeboards

I can't thank Machine Coach enough for their invaluable support in my monogram sign company. They worked closely with me to develop a specialized program that streamlined the design process

Drop Shadow

– Molly @ signs and more

Machine Coach transformed my business and profits. By advising me on product offerings and pricing adjustments, they helped me optimize revenue streams and achieve substantial growth. I highly recommend their expertise to any entrepreneur looking to maximize profitability.

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– Greg @ creative products

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